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VectorTemplates Team | Feb 26, 2021
Reference check templates are the best tools used in the hiring process to verify each applicant's eligibility criteria and references. A form with standard questions will help the new employers work more conveniently with the hiring process and gather the same essential information from all the applicants.

To make someone invest in their valuable time to provide you detailed information, you must need a professional template that can accommodate valued data in a short time. It is a highly impossible and time-consuming process to design these templates yourself, as might need many reference templates throughout the recruitment cycle.

Reference check templates come with a professional look accompanied by the essential fields, and the finest part is that you can tailor them as per your needs. Many reference check templates available online may overwhelm you. Simplifying your task, we have convened best lists over 30+ reference check templates for both employees and employers.

Best Reference forms and check template services

You can get these templates on many online platforms. Choosing a free or premium template depends on the features and how long you need them. This is the list of some best reference check templates and forms:

Applicant Reference Check Form

A reference check plays a key role in the hiring process to cross-check the candidates' references for the position. It is one of the best parts of recruiting as the employee's future performance can be predicted by past performance. The reference check form will help you get absolute insights into the candidate's skills, knowledge, and abilities from someone who worked closely with the candidate.

The reference check form template includes the details like Reference name, company, title, phone, and the other questions related to the performance of the candidate.


Volunteer Applicant Reference Check Form

This reference form is for the volunteers who are actively looking for a job like youth or for those without much experience.  

The volunteer applicant reference check form template holds its value when the volunteer is applying for an internship in a school or any program for the other volunteer position.


Staff Reference Checking Form

Some of the candidates look good on their resumes, but the reality is different. The employers look for in-depth practical skills and expertise in the field they are being hired for. 

On the template, the questionnaire is articulated to gather the information from the coworker of the candidate. This questionnaire mainly focuses on the behavior and performance of the candidate instead of skills. 


Blank Reference Check Form

This template involves the applicant's name and title applied for on the top. The remaining two sections include references from the academic or professional background of the candidate. 

A blank reference check form is intended to know the in-depth knowledge of the candidate in job competencies. This reference check form is used when looking for a fresher or a candidate with less professional expertise.


Reference Check Questionnaire Form

This template conceals the information of the reference. The questionnaire includes the relationship between the person giving reference and the applicant. Fundamental details of the candidate like job title, duties, salary, and employment date are confirmed in this form.


Reference Checking Consent Authorization Form

HR, HR managers use a reference check consent form to communicate to the candidate's final type of reference. The essential part of this form is to take consent from the candidate to perform the reference checks.

The benefit of using the consent authorization form is to reduce the legal risks. With the candidate's permission, the consent letter will be shared with the reference provider to be more open to frank discussions.


Reference Check Form Sample

A reference check form sample is used during the telephonic conversion with the reference provider. It is mainly composed of 3 parts. The first part includes the applicant and referee details. 

The second part involves introducing/ narrating the purpose of the call and checking for a convenient time with the reference provider. Behavior and performance-related questions are included in the third party.


Professional Staff Reference Check Form

Reference checking is a crucial part of the hiring process and an opportunity to validate the candidate's information in the application and in the interview process. The selection committee delivers the complete reference check form to the HR client services representative before offering employment. 


Job Competencies Reference Check Form 

This form is mainly used to analyze the candidate's expertise level with each of the job competencies. The template consists primarily of two sections. The first section involves a few lines from the reference provider describing the potentials of the candidate.

The second section is used to inspect the candidate's competencies on a scale of 1 to 10.


Employment Reference Check Form

This form is designed to find out more information about the candidate from the people who closely worked with them. This template briefly describes the candidate's work history and the period the reference provider has used with or supervised the job applicant.

This form is suitable to use for the candidate with the experience in the position applied.


Employee Reference Check Form

Employers use this form to know the candidate's former job nature and his performance. This form accommodates space to analyze the candidate's performance at the workplace on a scale of 1 to 10.

Employee Reference Form allows the employers to know the environment and job nature that the candidate is comfortable with.


Reference Checking Templates

This template will help you keep track of the references of the candidate who is called for the interview. You can download this form in any of the available formats and will be helpful for future record keeping.  

This reference checking template is easily editable, customizable, and accessible in the US and A4 letter sizes. this template makes use of business standard templates, and it is available on subscription-based packages. 


Character Reference Template

It is a letter provided by the reference provider narrating the relationship with the job candidate with the focus on the candidate's most potent qualities and skills. Unlike professional references, the person writing the character reference is not an employer.  

This template is useful for those who don't have prior knowledge in writing a character reference template. It is available for free download in word format.


Educational Reference Check Letter

Reference check letters are also referred to as recommendation letters that are used to attest to the personal skills, character, and experience of a candidate. These letters can be submitted along with the candidate's resume to support his achievements in his academic background.  

The professors usually provide academic reference check letters. These templates are available for premium members in word format.


Employee Reference Release Agreement

This employee reference form helps your former employee get a new opportunity by disclosing your employee's information to the prospective employer. This is a 6 pages document and is available in A4 and US letter sizes. 

It can be shared digitally through email, FB, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This template is available at $12.


Credit Reference Response Template

This letter is tricky and should be articulated professionally. The purpose of the credit reference letter is to verify the creditworthiness of a potential borrower. It is a letter provided by the bank or financial organization with whom the individual is banked to prove that an individual has a good credit history.

This is a 1-page document available on premium membership plans in word format.


Reference Request and Release Letter

It is a professional letter written by the candidate to the former employee to release any references and records related to past employment. This template includes the candidate's job functions with the previous employers and the overall performance. 

Reference request and release letterform is a 1-page word document available on subscription. The format enables the users to customize and fill in the blanks. The template is compatible with all office suites. 


Personal Reference Check Letter Template

A personal reference check letter is written to the reference provider to confirm that the information furnished by the job applicant is true. It also accommodates the relationship of the candidate with the reference. Hiring professionals use this template to make their hiring decision informed.

This 2-page word file is available for use by premium members.


Employment Reference Phone Script Template

A previous employer is always a potential source of information for the job applicant that you are considering. Most employers regret to share any info While others are happy to share their thoughts and opinions on their former employee. 

The ultimate theme of this employment reference phone script template is to accumulate maximum information in a short time.


Reference checking form template

The reference checking form makes it easier for employers to accommodate all the reference details in a single document, including personal and employment references. All the fields can be customized as per your needs.  

The reference checking form is available for premium users only.


Reference Check Letter Template

The hiring team writes this letter to the reference provided by the candidate to confirm the details before calling them for the interview. The critical component of this letter is to conceal the confidentiality between you and the employer. 

Many reference check letter templates are available online to copy to the clipboard and customize as per your needs.


Telephone Reference Check Form

The telephone reference check form protects employers from wasting their valuable time on unsuitable candidates. The basic reference check form will help you justify the hiring decision. It clarifies the candidate's academic and professional background and eases your hiring decision.

You can keep a copy of the telephone reference check form to gather potential information in a short time.


Reference Check Template with Checklist

Most of the companies use the standard reference checklist form to request the respondents' candidates' details over the phone, by mail, or online. 

The reference checklist is an easy and fastest way of checking the applicant's information. This reference check template contains short questions that are easily answerable by the respondents quickly.


Credit Reference Form

A credit reference can provide an individual's past track credit report. Lenders need both credit reports and credit reference letters or forms to make their lending decision for both individuals and organizations. So the applicant has to make it as per the instructions of the lender. 

The credit reference form template comes with all the necessary fields to make the process easier.


Bank Reference Form

A bank reference form is required to request your bank a letter stating your relationship period and confirm whether your relationship is acceptable. A bank reference form or letter represents the financial transparency of a person or a company. 

Bank reference form templates are designed with a professional outline accompanied by careful structure and planning. 


Trade Reference Form

Trade references play a vital role for the lenders and business to business suppliers who decides whether to extend credit to the applicant. It is one of the business tools that assures the lenders that the company in need of credit or growing payments is capable of clearing the debts. 

The trade reference form template eliminates the risk of creating the trade reference form from scratch.


Landlord Reference Form

The reference letter provided by the previous landlord states that you have lived on their premises with good conduct, and this form plays a crucial role in securing your new tenancy.

Landlord reference forms templates available for free download and helps you get started without any groundwork.


Personal Reference Form

The personal reference form is different from the professional reference, which is the character reference or assessment provided by the individual outside the job applicant's work. Some of the employers request personal references along with professional references.

Personal reference letter or form templates are available for free download in word format.


Reference on Qualification Template

A reference on qualification is a letter written by the prospective employer to a former employer requesting the professional and behavioral characteristics of a candidate.

The reference on qualification templates is available in business in a Box for the premium subscribers. This template will provide a base to frame in the letter in your voice.


Restaurant Reference Check Letter Template

When a new applicant appeals for a job at your restaurant, and you need to ensure that their references are true. 

The restaurant reference template helps you create a tool to perform the background check for the applicant addressing the people that the applicant mentioned in the application.


Pre-Employment Reference Check Form

It is a tool used to conduct reference checks to ensure the candidate's information is true. Pre-employment reference checks make the hiring process safe, simple, and faster. 

Pre-employment reference check form templates are easy to customize as per your needs.


Hiring Project Staff Reference Check Guide

A reference check will help the hiring staff pick the best from the top candidates. Ceratin steps to be taken into consideration while performing the reference check and here is a brief guide to assist the new hiring employers: 
  • Managers, colleagues, employers, or stakeholders are the best reference providers while choosing the external candidate for your project
  • To gain a broader perspective of the strengths of the candidate, it is recommended to consider several references 
  • Consider at least two references who worked closely with the candidate
  • Take consent from the candidate before you approach the contact references
  • The last but most potential thing is that you should approach the references only if you have the intention to hire the candidate

Bottom Line

The success of any business lies in hiring the best workforce for their professional needs. Fortunately, reference check templates have come to break these complexities and uncover the candidate's worthy skills.

Reference Check templates will help the employers convene the candidate's strengths, weaknesses, and other potential information from the reliable network of candidates. The templates mentioned in this article are the best business tools to  assist the hiring staff towards the expertise employee onboarding process.

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