10+ Blank Check Templates for MS Excel 2020

by VectorTemplates Team   |  Feb 11, 2020    

We have spotted a beautiful check which has been gifted to the winner of the competition and quite wondered why they were gifting such a big check. Firstly, Do You Know! What is a Blank Check Template? For what purpose we use these kinds of Blank Check Templates.  Below we have mentioned all those things. Go ahead and get to know what it is actually. 

A Blank check template is a template that looks exactly just like a cheque. It is a document that orders some specified banks to pay a certain amount of money from the account of the drawer. So all blank cheque template is used for a variety of purposes. Every template has its own design, shape, and size. Mostly, individuals prefer unique ones according to their needs.

After getting hands-on this  Blank check excel templates, each user can customize the overall layout and design of blank check templates. Either they can use these checks for personal or official use. Similarly, accounting teachers use this blank check template to educate kids and students about filling out checks without making any errors.

The whole process is super easy; you need to download one particular template and go ahead. Click the download button and save the editable copy. You can edit these templates in the laptop, desktop, or any other mobile device, open the MS Excel program and change the default information and details.

What's Unique About Blank Check Templates?

The central aspect of using these blank check templates is for education. You can use these templates for teaching the kids and adults as well. By doing this activity, they can overcome making mistakes while writing checks. To sum up, all blank check templates induce banking culture, respectively. 

Creating A Blank Check Template?

For creating a blank check template, one should have the operating knowledge regarding designing software. Also, they must be familiar with making general checks by using Adobe Photoshop and some more image editing softwares. Most crucial point you should keep in mind is never replicate the name and logo of the bank as it is against the law.

How to Download Blank Check Templates in Excel?

Mostly, all kinds of MS excel templates are available at office.com. These excel templates were categorized in several types like calendar templates, budget templates, invoices, timelines, inventory templates, and project management templates. If you need a specific template then, you can filter out the templates within the application based upon the category. For downloading the specific template, click file > save as > Download a copy then, it opens up and saves as a dialog window. 

Note: The rule of thumb is to download specific templates from the websites which you trust the most. Below, we listed out some of the trustworthy makers.

"Vertex42 "is known as the lead provider of templates both for Microsoft and Google Docs

Spreadsheetzone - You can find rich templates that are created in Excel pros

Spreadsheet123 - All the excel spreadsheet templates, budget templates, invoices, inventory schedules, and planners made. 

Template.net - You can find free inventory templates. 

Creating Checklists in Excel

For creating the checklists in excel, you need to follow one particular method. Right below, we listed out the most common methods.

  • Cell Borders
  • Special Unicode Characters in Data Validation Lists
  • Brackets [ ] or ( ) Parentheses
  • Auto shapes
  • Checkbox Form Object

Creating a Checklist in Google Sheets

Do you know? Google sheets have beat Microsoft and stunningly introduced checkbox as one of their data validation options. You need to go for an updated version of google sheets for using this ultimate feature. 

Types Of Blank Check Templates for Excel

Simple Pay Stub Template?  

Simple Pay Stub Template

Corporate Pay Stub Template 
Corporate Pay Stub Template

Paystub Template With An Hourly Wage 

Paystub Template With An Hourly Wage

Organization Pay Stub Template  

Organization Pay Stub Template

Payroll Register Template  
Payroll Register Template

Excel Checkbook Register Template  
Excel Checkbook Register Template

Editable Flat Style Bank Check Template

Editable Flat Style Bank Check Template

Blue Check PSD Template

Credit Cheque Templates Application

Sample Employee Reference Check Template 

Bank Check with Modern Design Vector illustration

Big Check Mockup Template

Final Words

Above, we have suggested some of the blank check templates which support and runs on MS Excel. By using these blank check templates, the user can customize their own check instantly by saving a lot of time and energy too. Incase if the bank is closed and you need to make an urgent payment then, these templates provide a pre-made check format that can be printed out and used. 


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