40+ Effective and Printable Pay Stub Templates for Employees

VectorTemplates Team | Feb 04, 2021

All that you need to know about Paystubs

When the Paycheck of an employee is defined, details entailed in the same becomes the Pay Stub. Hence, Pay Stub is a part of a paycheck that is given to the employees of an organization. The details regarding the period of employment for which the payment is given to the beneficiary/employee is mentioned in it. Deductions and taxes, benefits and bonuses related to the payroll of the employee are also indicated in the Paystub of an employee. 

Following points, pertaining to the details of the Paycheck are included in a Paystub

  • Personal information about the employee like name, address, ID number, etc
  • Date of the pay period that the employee has served 
  • The pay rate(salary) fixed by the employer is mentioned in the paycheck/paystub.
  • The gross earnings of the employee may include contributions and commissions. On the other hand, deduction of taxes, health insurance or life insurance, and advances (if any) are also mentioned in it.
  • GST and information related to such factors also deserve mention in it.
  • Retirement plans and pensions
  • Mention of overtime and number of hours worked more than the prescribed schedule
  • Bonuses 
  • After the addition and deduction of the above-mentioned points, the final amount that the employee takes home is the net salary. This is also mentioned in the Paystub

Myrtle Template

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Carolina Classic Template

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What is the Purpose of PayStubs?

The employee should have the perfect knowledge and information regarding the Paycheck that they receive after serving the said or scheduled period of time. It helps them to have an accurate record of the exact amount that has been deducted as taxes, insurances, etc., and the amount that has been added as bonuses or commissions. In simple words, it is important that they have accurate information of the exact amount of their salary with complete details.

It also serves as a record and proof of a particular transaction between the employer and employee. It serves as convincing evidence that the transaction was made. Though the pay stub is not readily available in the case of online payments made by the employers to their respective employees, yet the importance of the document cannot be overlooked. An online copy of the pay stub can be obtained as per demand made by the employee.

The Paystub acts as a perfect document for the lenders to verify the creditworthiness of the employees of an organization. This is a common purpose of the document. Banks also ask for such payslips. Even for rental agreements, the landlord may ask for the pay stub and use it as evidence for signing the lease deed. 

The recent years have witnessed a surge in such documents for defining the prenuptial agreements also. It is used as evidence that the person is an earning hand. It is used as an evident document for tax filing purposes. 

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How to get Paystub Templates?
A variety of Pay Stub templates are easily available online. It is as simple as 1-2-3 to download the same and use it as per the requirement of the users. Since it is an important document that the organization releases and provides the employees with detailed information about their wages. Hence, it is essential that the document should be crafted in a professional manner. It is not necessary for the organization to spend hours designing a pay stub. Instead, the format can be downloaded online and integrated into the existing system for easy use of the same.

Whitaker Template

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Murray Blue Template

Free Murray paystub template

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Guide to Create Pay Stub Online

Our online world is like a library that has information for every topic. It is important to explore the library of online pay stubs templates. This will yield the best results because the online channels are full of such examples. A variety of such free templates are easy to download for Microsoft Excel, Word, and PDF format. These are fully customizable and easy to define as per the requirement of the user. 

Following simple steps can be followed online to find the ideal match and download the same

  • Look for a website that caters to such templates
  • Scroll through the gallery of templates available on the respective site
  • Most of the templates are free and can be easily previewed so that the user gets an idea about its appearance and format.
  • Customize the Paystub by adding information like Company name, logo, pay period, payment structure, salary breakup, overtime, commission, etc. in the document. 
  • Finally, click on the button that says, Generate Pay Stub. 
  • The pay stub template will be complete with the required information, and then it can be downloaded in PDF format. 
  • It can be printed, and a hard copy can be obtained if required. 

Aster Template

American Elm Template

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Carolina Forest Template

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Short Blue Paystub

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Short Black & White Paystub

Long Blue Paystub

Long Black & White Paystub

ADP Paystub Template - Blue

Corporate Business Pay Stub Template

Rectangular Horizontal Blue & White Paystub

Types of Paycheck Stub Templates

There are different types of pay stubs that are easy to avail across online channels. 

1. Basic Pay Stub format

This is the ideal format for businesses that need a simple layout without extensive details. It is a small and basic format with minimal information. It can be modified as per the requirement of the users, and it is easily available across such websites.

The information included in such a Pay Stub is:

  • Employer name
  • Name of the organization
  • Employee name
  • Period of serving (pay to begin, pay to end)
  • Pay description and breakup
  • Allowances
  • Deductions
  • Gross pay
  • Net pay
2. Electronic Paycheck

Time is saved, and payroll management is streamlined with the help of electronic pay stubs in an organization. An electronic Paycheck or Paycheck is a digital format of a paper check. There are other names for this kind of pay stubs like internet check, online check, and direct debit check. It employs the method of Automated Clearing House or ACH through which direct debit from the employer's account into the employee's bank account takes place with the help of the payment procedure defined. It is one of the most widely used formats due to the convenient quotient attached to it. A detailed record of the payment is attached, and the employee gets first-hand information regarding his/her remuneration breakup.

3Spreadsheet PayStub

Having a pay stub with multiple functions mentioned in it requires a sheet that can adjust the required data in a format. This template can serve the dual purpose of being a payroll calculator on the one hand and a wage spreadsheet on the other hand. The employer can easily define the hours/days worked and income earned by an individual employee, as well as payment details of multiple employees in a single spreadsheet. 

Such a sheet format is available in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Google Sheet template is automatically saved in Google Drive and can be accessed online. It includes all the details. An accurate earnings statement is created with complete information about the income and deductions of the employees by the employers. It can be easily edited to suit the requirements of the employers.

4. Document PayStub

This format is easily available for the users. It can be created in Microsoft Word and alternatively in Google Docs. The format can be downloaded as per the norms of the concerned website. These are free to avail from the service providing sites, and the users can easily edit them to suit their requirements. Offline management is easily possible with Microsoft Word, and the online access is simple for Google Doc in Google Drive. The format is available, and the users can easily download following the instructions. 

Rows and columns required to add information can be easily done by the users. All types of edits can be done by the users.

5Organization PayStub

This template serves as a great option for businesses, organizations, and nonprofit organizations. It provides them with comprehensive information, and the template designs are freely available. It gives a detailed format of earnings, taxes, benefits, and other deductions. Leave days/hours are also reflected in the employee sheet of accounts. Vacation and sick leaves are also marked in it.

6. Vibrant PayStub

It can be referred to as the modern pay stub as well because it provides the users to play with themes, colors, background, fonts, etc. It gives vibrancy to the otherwise tedious format. It adds visual content to the document. The template covers all the essential information. Sections are divided, and the information is available in the required format. The format can be edited to fit the requirements of the users. Additional notes and instructions can also be added in the available space at the bottom of the template.

When is PayStub required?

  • Paystub is an important document for the organization as it provides the employees with complete information about their salary structure, including gross amount and net amount. It includes all the benefits and deductions of the employees. 
  • From an organization's point of view, it is important to maintain the records of payroll so that they are aware of their annual income. Employee payment or payroll expenses helps the organization to calculate its costs and expenses incurred for the production. It also impacts their annual budget. Expenses are calculated based on such factors. The year-to-date payroll lets you compare your employee payroll expenses to the annual budget for those costs. And, you can determine the amount that goes toward payroll compared to your total expenses.
  • Income tax is filed by the organizations based on such factors. Income tax by the employees is also filed based on their paycheck/paystubs.
  •  The organizations that have well-crafted paystubs allow them to meet their expected production and results for the year. Based on year-to-date payroll, the companies can make decisions like budget, costs, and hiring.
  • When the companies want to predict their tax liability, they can access the pay stub of the employees. This will aid in knowing the quarterly and yearly tax liability. Big purchases can be put on hold consequently. 

Rectangular Horizontal Black & White Paystub

Square Blue & White Paystub

Square Black & White Paystub

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Simple Pay Stub Template - Excel

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Corporate Pay Stub Template - Excel

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Pay Stub Template with Hourly Wage - Excel

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Organization Pay Stub Template - Excel

Google Docs Pay Stub Template

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Printable Pay Stub Template - PDF 

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Printable Invoice and Pay Stub Template - PDF

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Basic Pay Stub Template - Word

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Modern Pay Stub Template - Word

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How to choose the right PayStub Template?

There are varied pay stub templates that are easily available online. The users can download the one that suits the requirement of the organization. It can be a tricky part to select the best-suited template. 

  • If the company is a small-sized entity with very few employees, then several free versions of the templates are easily available that can be integrated by the company into its system. If the organization is a big-sized one, then availing a dynamic and reliable format can be contemplated by the users. Some of the free and paid paystub generators are mentioned to make the selection procedure a simple one for the users. The difference between the paid and free versions is that the paid one gives the data after making the calculations. In the free version, the user has to determine the calculations by himself/herself. 
  • Paystub templates are available as per the information that is fed into them. Some of the templates are designed to support the information of the employers, while some are generated to support the employee information. The user organization can select the one based on their requirement. 
  • Another important factor that helps the user to make the right decision is to check the user-friendliness of the template. Some of the online tools require technical knowledge for the best operations. Hence, the user can make the right choice based on this factor. 
  • Select the pay stub template that allows time to be saved, is quick in saving the information, and also agile in retrieving the data. Such factors allow optimization of the task. 
  • Hence, the users can make the right selection of the template after reviewing the above-mentioned information. 


    There are several parameters that can help organizations to decide the best-suited templates for their payroll management. There is no denial that availing these templates will make their task simpler, easier, and professional.

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