20+ Blank Check Templates in PDF, EPS and Vector Formats

VectorTemplates Team | Feb 25, 2021
In simple words, a cheque or Blank check form is a document used by banks as a payment gateway between two persons, organizations, banks, etc. It is always challenging to carry lots of cash. So, this single piece of document with just a dated signature, details of the payer, and the drawee's name make that problem gone. It is believed that this kind of arrangement was used in ancient Roman times. Although in the year 1717, the first cheque was introduced by the Bank of England. In this article, we took an overview of all of the kinds of blank check templates in PDF which are easy to download like Blank check templates for Microsoft word.
Different Types of Blank Check Templates
Cheque books can be of several kinds as per their criteria and the auction regarding payment. Besides the regular checks, there are a lot of kinds of meeting that certain standard works purpose. Here are some examples regarding different types of cheques:-
  • Cashier's Cheques and Bank Drafts or Official Cheque
  • Payroll Cheque
  • Traveler's Cheque
  • Postal Order
  • Warrant 
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Certified Cheque
  • Money Order
  • Giant Extra-large Cheque
  • Electronic Cheque

Blank Check Templates in Vector EPS and PDF Format

Blank Check Template in Vector EPS Format

Vector format is one of the standards and regular cheques' ideal formats. It is generally used for educational purposes, making PPT or presentations, and also showing demos.

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Blank Check For Template Kids

This kind of Blank check is generally used to show the necessary banking details. It is the reason it's used for educating the kids on filling the bank cheques.

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Blank Bank Checks Template Isolated on White Background

This kind of check template is majorly used for business modules. It is portrayed in such a way, the name of the consumer at the top left, and bank details at the bottom left to make it exceptional.

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Elegant Blank Check Template

Elegant is the standard design of the blank cheques used mostly. This easy to editable and standard nature makes it attractive.

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Printable Personel Play Checks Template

This is mostly used to provide you and your somewhat good teaching on financial cheques. It is also a basic method to get educated on banking affairs and cheques.

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What are Checks?

Checks can be referred to as hand-written, dated, and signed documents used to direct banks to transact the mentioned sum of money between payer/payor and withdrawal. In a necessary cheque, the drawer writes the cheque and puts a signature on it to transact a certain sum of money to the payee or creditor. Payee could be anyone, a person, an organization, another bank, etc. In the whole process, one thing must be required: a consumer account ID of the drawer where their money is held.

Blank Bank Cheque Template

This is very similar to real banking cheques. It is used for adults or officials for representation purposes.

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Sample American Blank Check Design Templates

This design of the cheque template contains no transparency, gradients, and 100% EPS vectors. It used to fool people at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Blank Check Vector Pack Free Download

This kind of cheque comes with a different color segment and a great design. Those are illustrated and Encapsulated post-scripted to better understanding.


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Free Download General Blank Check Templates

It is always used for business teaching purposes. It completes the memo line and name line at the middle top of the cheque section.

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Essential Elements of Blank Check Templates or Blank check format

 Few most essential elements which must be drafted on the Blank check request form include:

  • Date of issuing the cheque
  • Details of Bank authority who has issued the cheque
  • Name of the drawer
  • Signature of the drawer; Stamp/Seal in case of an organization
  • Account number or Consumer ID of the drawer
  • Sum of the amount to be transacted in digits
  • Sum of the amount to be transacted in words
  •  Individual Cheque Number of the Specific Cheque or Bank Routing Number
  • The mode of currency in the case of international banking transaction 
  • Branch code of the Bank
  • Memo Line
  • Bank Contact Information
  • Bank Fractional Number/ ABA
Those are the essential points to be included in a Fillable blank check template. Besides that, IFSC Code, MICR, and Standard 5/8 inches size are also considered.

Simple Blank Check for All-Purpose

It is a kind of convenience cheque. It is used for teaching purposes.

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Blank Cheque Image 

If you are looking for some banking stuff to play with kids, this is an option. It used to educate even adults also.

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Printable Blank Check Template PDF Format

PDFs are always easy to operate. It can be used by your cell without downloading any new application

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Sizeable Blank Check Templates

This kind of check is used as a winner or champion trophy cheque. It obtained a vast size to broadcast the cheque amount.

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Designer Blank Check Templates

This gives a vintage royal feeling and premium design to work. Your name portrait at the extreme left top.

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Blank Check Free Vector

This is a standard vector draft. It is presentable and modular for use.

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Blank Payroll Check Template

This is designed for issuing professional and presentable cheques. The blank spaces in the cheque need to be filled as per user requirements.

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Blank Business Check Template

As the name refers, it is used for business purposes. It is used as a cashless medium of transacting business money.

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Free Blank Deposit Check Template in PDF

It is also known as the depositor. It is used to deposit the money to the Bank.

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What Are the Uses of Blank Check Templates?

One of the most important uses of the Blank Check Template is for education and research purposes. It has become easy to teach a different segment of a cheque with a typical real example. Blank check template printable is also studied in commerce in higher education to prevent check bounce fraud or cheque scams. 

There are no chances of mistake or plagiarism in the Bank routed cheques because overwriting is prohibited. Therefore, Blank Check Templates for excel can be used to practice and rehash before writing the main one. It also can be used when your checkbook left no more cheque draft and urgently you have to make a payment

Blank Dollars Check Template

As the name suggests is something regarding dollar transaction. It is a simple presentation that makes it user-friendly.

Blank Donation Check Template

As the name suggests, these are used for a charity or donation purpose. There are different donation cheques.

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Blank Check From Teacher Template