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Are these vector templates unique?

Yes, all vectors shown on are designed from scratch and are exclusive to In that sense they are unique. You do however not receive exclusive ownership when you purchase a template. These are templates, not pre-designed vectors, and are resold. When you purchase a template from us you receive the non-exclusive, royalty-free right to use the image in your own design work. If you need exclusive ownership, please get in touch.

Can I get them immediately?

Yes, with our free vector templates there isn't even an order page to get in the way. Simply download and use.

With our premium vector templates you will be directed to the download page immediately after completing your order.

What about quality?

We take extreme pride in the vector templates on We offer professional, hand-drawn vector art. You will not find auto-traces, open shapes, weird filters or any such rubbish here. Just clean vectors.

What can I use them for?

You may use your vector templates for virtually anything, including commercial design. The only limitation is that you may not resell or redistribute our templates or derivatives of our templates in any way. For more details please refer to the license agreement.

What does "royalty-free" mean?

A "royalty-free" image is an image that you can use for just about anything (subject to the limitations specified in the license agreement).

For example, you can use your downloaded image in designing a web site for yourself or for your client. You can even use it to design a million web sites, brochures, flyers etc. No need to buy the same image again for each use. You can keep using it in your own design work, forever. But if you upload the image to your web site and allow others to download it, that would get you in trouble. That qualifies as redistributing the image, which you may not do without first obtaining permission from

Can designers submit vector templates to

No. We want to focus on creating and selling top-end vector templates and find that quality control is just so much easier when the designers are in-house.

We may accept vector submissions from independent designers at some point in the future, but only if/when we find a streamlined, foolproof way of monitoring the quality of vector art submitted to us.

I paid and could not download my template. What now?

When you are unable to complete the download of a purchased product, please get in touch and tell us your order number and the product ordered. If we can verify that your order was received you will receive a new download link via email from VectorTemplates support.

Can you customize a vector template for me?
Like a custom map?

Yes, we can customize any vector template found on this site - or any other site - and deliver it to you in virtually any format under the sun. This is not a free service, but with customization prices from only $19, it's a high value for money service. Customized vector templates are not uploaded to the site. You own the exclusive rights to the final image. Find out more about custom vectors.

Can I request that you add more of a certain type of vector?

Of course. Get in touch. We can't guarantee that we will add what you request, but we will take it into account and do our best. :-)

In what formats are your templates?

Most of the vector templates are offered in EPS, AI and CDR format - all zipped into one downloadable ZIP file.

Raster images are usually in PNG or JPG format.

If you need one of our vector templates in another file format - like a layered PSD file for example - get in touch.

Superman! Yeah! Can I use the S logo on my shirt?

We cannot give you permission to use the Superman logo. We act only as a reseller for the Warner Bros. Shop. If you need Superman gear, get it from the Warner Bros. Shop directly.

Here's the link:

Batman! Yeah! Can I use the Batman logo on my shirt?

See the previous answer. If you need Batman gear, get it from the Warner Bros. Shop directly. They have a huge selection of quality Batman merchandise.

Here's the link:

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