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God First Policy

Our God First Policy means that we, as a Christian company, acknowledge God and strive to put His will above all. This policy places some limitations on the type of custom design work we will do in exchange for your cash. We have absolutely nothing against skulls, devil charicatures, nudity, superheros etc. That's all good fun, in our humble opinion. We have nothing against symbols like hexagrams. We believe that no symbol has power above that which the viewer wishes to attribute to it.

There is a line though: If you order design work that, in our opinion, is more "evil" than "fun", we will decline your business and, if payment has been received, we will refund the full amount.

While we are showing clients the door...
We would prefer that you not use our templates to promote a message that opposes or contradicts the Christian message. If promoting a different religion floats your boat, please refrain from using our templates for that purpose. We won't hunt you down if you ignore this request, but we appreciate your consideration.

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